Why Buy Handmade Products?

Yes, you can find your every day skin care products at the local mass retailer or grocery store for less. Why should you spend your hard earned dollars on handmade products? Because your skin deserves it!


Patchouli Rain Limited Edition Artisan Bar Soap - Soy Free

Not all soaps and cleaners are created equal. Instead of stripping your skin of its precious oils, our soaps are made with an overage of skin loving oils so that you will never feel devoid of all moisture. Instead, you will feel like you

have washed with lotion, but without any oily residue to deal with. And with our ever growing list of scents, you will never be short of choices.


Our lotions are made with the most minimum of ingredients and made in smaller batches so that we can control the quality of what is being absorbed into your skin. We use Sweet

Almond Oil and Avocado Oil – both wonderful on the skin – as our base oils. We emulsify these with Aloe Vera Juice for its wonderful nutritional value. Our lotion is rich, without being greasy, absorbing in quickly.

Bath Bombs and Foaming Bath Salts

Our bath bombs and foaming bath salts also feature many skin loving ingredients to soften and moisturize, and they’re fun as well. The bath bombs fizz and turn the water colorful, with a pleasing aroma. But they also contain butters to help moisturize the skin. The foaming bath salts have a naturally derived bubbling agent to give you a wonderful bubble bath experience while 3 kinds of salts soften the water.


Most women have very little time to pamper themselves. Its rush, rush, rush, to get dinner done, or get the kids off to school, or just have 10 minutes in the bath without the kids banging on the door. With our products, we recommend you lock the door, light a candle, grab a book and luxuriate in our products for a while. Its your own personal escape from the world. You won’t be disappointed.

That’s why you should buy handmade!