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 Handmade Goat Milk Soap, made in small batches for quality.

About Us/Reviews and In The News

The Willow Crossing began in Kansas in 1999 by a Mother-in-law (Sherry) and Daughter-in-law (Stephanie) team. The Willow Crossing was born out of a dream for creativity, art and luxury. It wasn’t a common practice to make soap at home in the late 90s and Stephanie thought Sherry was crazy to suggest it. But with the use of books, Sherry taught herself and then Stephanie and a duo was born. At our first show, we sold out.


Our Products

Our products bring a bit of luxury to your bath time. Mothers, especially, appreciate that short 10 minutes in the shower alone to experience the aromas and silkiness of our soap. Cleansing bars purchased at mass retailers are often nothing more than harsh detergents that strip the skin of its natural oils. Handmade Goat Milk soap cleans without such stripping, leaving behind soft, moisturized skin. (By the way, men love it too!)

All of our products are made from scratch, so we know exactly what goes in to each and every package. No unnecessary chemicals that most cannot even pronounce. The bath bombs contain glorious butters for moisture and relaxation.

Strong Robert’s

Our Strong Robert’s line for men was born in the Spring of 2017. It is a play on our last names – armSTRONG and ROBERTson. We feel Strong Robert was a strong man in the circus in the early 20th century. After a day at the circus, we think he would go to to the Pub and have a tall glass of Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. So all of our men’s soaps are made with Pabst Blue Ribbon. Beer has wonderful qualities for the skin and the sugar in it helps with lather. This line currently consists of body soap, shaving soap and beard oil, but will be expanding into more shaving and beard care products in the near future.

Try our products today. We are sure you will be glad you did.



December 13, 2016

The art of soap making is most difficult. But the ladies at Willow Crossing have mastered this. You will notice immediately A distinct difference between this and store-bought mass-produced soap. It is an age-old tradition and this is the best you can get.
Paul W.
The ladies at The Willow Crossing have done an absolutely amazing job with their business! Not only can their products sell themselves because they are so wonderful, their promptness, customer service and passion is out of this world! I would recommend this company to anyone!
Tyra D.

December 20, 2016

The Willow Crossing are always excited to see you at events and have a very large selection of soaps,bath bombs, and much more. If you haven’t purchased from them yet, I recommend their ruby slippers soap!

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