Close to Home

Our team is made up of two family members, Sherry (mother-in-law) and Stephanie (daughter-in-law). Stephanie is a Houston native and the news of late has hit close to home.  Most of Stephanie’s family lives far enough away from Houston, that they only received a lot of rain, but no other damage. However, 2 members of her family live in a flooded town. Her sister’s trailer was completely inundated with water.

Being from Houston, Stephanie still has many friends in the SE suburbs who were affected anywhere from marginally to badly by Hurricane Harvey. There is much work to be done and insurance doesn’t cover all of it. They will be depending on help from those outside of the affected area.

Its important to remember that Houston was not the only area affected. The town of Rockport, Tx, where Harvey made landfall, was all but obliterated. After the storm looped around and back out to the gulf, it made landfall again further east, up the Texas coast in the Beaumont area where again, flooding has touched everything and everyone.

In order to do what we can to help those in the affected area, The Willow Crossing will be taking 20% of ALL sales in the month of September, 2017 to donate to a charity that can justly dispense help. This 20% will come from all online sales, craft show sales and consignment sales at our local stores.

We are not asking for you to donate any additional amounts, we just hope you will take a moment to place an order for a product 90% of us use all the time. We will ship your order in a timely manner and take the donation out of our proceeds. We hope you will find something of interest in our product listings.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stephanie & Sherry

2017 Fall Markets and Craft Shows

We’re gearing up for the Fall 2017 Craft Show Season and below is a list of shows we are planning to participate in. We look forward to meeting you and your friends at any of these shows.

2017 Fall Events:

September 16 – Marion, Ks – Art in the Park

September 30 – Abilene, Ks – Reitz & Rust Vintage Market (at the fairgrounds)  Reitzandrustvintagemarket

October 7  – Hesston, KS –   Kansas Barn Sale

October 14 – Augusta, Ks – Old 54 Vintage Outdoor Market

October 21 – Buhler, Ks – Blue Truck Vintage Market  (unable to attend due to severe weather threat)

November 18, Hutchinson, Ks – Christmas in the Foothills

November 25 – Wichita, Ks – Wichita Etsy Show


This list will be updated as necessary.

What Can Take The Heat? (and What Can’t)

We have had questions about whether our products can survive the summer heat in transit when being shipped. The simple answer, yes, mostly. We use a technique called Cold Process Soap Making. This is the old fashioned way that granny use to make it. Our recipe is very hard and withstands heat well. When we desire to melt it (which we avoid if we can) we have to shred it in to small pieces and put over low heat with a bit of water for hours. We use this technique, called Rebatching, to save a possibly failed batch. It does not come out pretty, so we try to avoid it (although, an ugly but useful soap is better than tossing the whole batch). Also, when more than 2 bars of soap are ordered, we ship priority mail. So in general, the package is received in 2 to 3 days. All of this keeps our soaps safe in the heat we are experiencing right now.

Our Foaming Bath Salts are sealed in a jar which prevents the humidity from getting to them. Our Bath Bombs are sealed in shrink wrap, so they also should not be triggered by humidity. To keep the bombs safe in transit, we wrap each one in bubble wrap and ship in a box. We’ve yet to have a damaged bomb. But keep in mind that if it does happen, we’ll take care of it.

Lotions can be tricky. The preservative we use can withstand temperatures of up to 113*F. Also, when warm, the lotion can become very thin, though it will thicken back up when put in room temperature. So when mailing lotions, we keep an eye on the forecast and put each bottle of lotion in its own baggie before putting in the box, just in case of leaks.

But you know what has the hardest time withstanding the heat? WE DO! LOL. Both Sherry and Stephanie have issues with heat, therefore, we avoid doing outdoor shows in the summer. That’s why we love our website. We are able to reach out to all of our customers any time of year with any product we would have at any given show. Its like your own personal shopping event at any given time, day or night. We are always here to answer questions and take suggestions, so please feel free to reach out to us.



We love to hear from you. So slip in to your jammies, crank the ac up and let’s go shopping!


We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $30 or more. What a great opportunity to try a little of this, a little of that, and to share the love with friends and family. So go right over to our products pages and fill your cart, then use coupon code “freeship”. We’ll have your order out in a jiff!

Our products also make great gifts for the graduate, teacher or other well wishing moments. Let us know if we can put together a gift box made to your specifications.

*free shipping applies to orders of $30 or more.

Kansas weather – you just never know!

We were pleased to be in attendance at the Tenth Street Orchard Vintage Market this past Saturday in Sterling, KS. We were really hesitant to attend at the last minute because the weather had been so wacky – and dangerous! We received near monsoon like rain with rivers and fields flooding, and the occasional tornado here and there.

We live 2.5 hours from Sterling, so we stayed Friday night in South Hutchinson. We hadn’t been at the hotel long before we had to book it to the basement with the rest of overnighters as tornadoes passed near by. What a scary experience! Saturday morning was cold and cloudy! We hadn’t brought jackets because, hello? May? Fortunately, walmart had some on clearance. We bought those and a blanket and that kept us warm most of the day. We relished the warmth every time the sun came peeking out.

But the weather did not deter the shoppers! There was a great turn out and everyone was there to spend! We enjoyed live music and fresh barbecue. This was a first year show for Tenth Street Orchard and we think they did a smashing job of running it. We will be happy to return next year – wacky weather or not.


Welcome to The Willow Crossing Blog!

This first post is just to introduce ourselves and tell a bit about how we got started in the soap making world.

We are a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law team ( I know, sounds kind of hard to believe doesn’t it? ).  Back in 1999 I (Sherry) told my daughter-in-law, Stephanie that I wanted to make soap.  At that time, crafting soap was not quite the rage that it is today.  Stephanie thought I was crazy!  No one is going to want to buy homemade soap, she said.  I proceeded to teach myself to make soap from numerous books, (fortunately there were no disasters!).  We had a few melt and pour soaps, but mainly cp.

Fast forward a couple of months.  We went to a local outdoor festival.  We had NEVER done anything like this before and talk about rookies!  We had a dining tent to set up under.  That was all well and fine until a Kansas storm hit!  Rained like crazy.  Stephanie went to tip the water that had collected on the top and got drenched.  lol.  But, rain or no rain, it did not stop people from coming by and purchasing our soaps.  So many compliments on our packaging.  I have to laugh now, because we were using the paper that Hobby Lobby uses to wrap glassware.  But, it worked.  Our soaps were only 1 color at that time.

As the day progressed, Stephanie no longer thought I was crazy for wanting to sell soap.  We sold out before the show was even over.  We have learned to much since then and the industry has changed a lot.   So much creativity. So many talented soap makers.

The soap making is now done mainly by Stephanie (even though I taught her how, she thinks I can no longer do it… kids).  I mainly make the bath bombs, salts, candles.  We had a wonderful soap/candle business until Stephanie had a car accident which took us out of the loop for quite awhile.  But, we are back now.   We hope you enjoy perusing our website to see what tickles your fancy.

Until next time….  🙂