What Can Take The Heat? (and What Can’t)

We have had questions about whether our products can survive the summer heat in transit when being shipped. The simple answer, yes, mostly. We use a technique called Cold Process Soap Making. This is the old fashioned way that granny use to make it. Our recipe is very hard and withstands heat well. When we desire to melt it (which we avoid if we can) we have to shred it in to small pieces and put over low heat with a bit of water for hours. We use this technique, called Rebatching, to save a possibly failed batch. It does not come out pretty, so we try to avoid it (although, an ugly but useful soap is better than tossing the whole batch). Also, when more than 2 bars of soap are ordered, we ship priority mail. So in general, the package is received in 2 to 3 days. All of this keeps our soaps safe in the heat we are experiencing right now.

Our Foaming Bath Salts are sealed in a jar which prevents the humidity from getting to them. Our Bath Bombs are sealed in shrink wrap, so they also should not be triggered by humidity. To keep the bombs safe in transit, we wrap each one in bubble wrap and ship in a box. We’ve yet to have a damaged bomb. But keep in mind that if it does happen, we’ll take care of it.

Lotions can be tricky. The preservative we use can withstand temperatures of up to 113*F. Also, when warm, the lotion can become very thin, though it will thicken back up when put in room temperature. So when mailing lotions, we keep an eye on the forecast and put each bottle of lotion in its own baggie before putting in the box, just in case of leaks.

But you know what has the hardest time withstanding the heat? WE DO! LOL. Both Sherry and Stephanie have issues with heat, therefore, we avoid doing outdoor shows in the summer. That’s why we love our website. We are able to reach out to all of our customers any time of year with any product we would have at any given show. Its like your own personal shopping event at any given time, day or night. We are always here to answer questions and take suggestions, so please feel free to reach out to us.

Sherry: Sherry@thewillowcrossing.com

Stephanie: Stephanie@thewillowcrossing.com

We love to hear from you. So slip in to your jammies, crank the ac up and let’s go shopping!

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