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Our team is made up of two family members, Sherry (mother-in-law) and Stephanie (daughter-in-law). Stephanie is a Houston native and the news of late has hit close to home.  Most of Stephanie’s family lives far enough away from Houston, that they only received a lot of rain, but no other damage. However, 2 members of her family live in a flooded town. Her sister’s trailer was completely inundated with water.

Being from Houston, Stephanie still has many friends in the SE suburbs who were affected anywhere from marginally to badly by Hurricane Harvey. There is much work to be done and insurance doesn’t cover all of it. They will be depending on help from those outside of the affected area.

Its important to remember that Houston was not the only area affected. The town of Rockport, Tx, where Harvey made landfall, was all but obliterated. After the storm looped around and back out to the gulf, it made landfall again further east, up the Texas coast in the Beaumont area where again, flooding has touched everything and everyone.

In order to do what we can to help those in the affected area, The Willow Crossing will be taking 20% of ALL sales in the month of September, 2017 to donate to a charity that can justly dispense help. This 20% will come from all online sales, craft show sales and consignment sales at our local stores.

We are not asking for you to donate any additional amounts, we just hope you will take a moment to place an order for a product 90% of us use all the time. We will ship your order in a timely manner and take the donation out of our proceeds. We hope you will find something of interest in our product listings.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Stephanie & Sherry

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