New Products for a New Year!

New Products for a New Year!

New Products for a New Year!

2017 is rapidly coming to an end and 2018 is hot on its heels! We like to keep things new and innovative at The Willow Crossing & Strong Robert’s.

We will be going thru our inventory of soaps and selecting those that have spent their time in the limelight and must now move along to let others scents shine (do scents shine?) Those that no longer make the cut will be offered at discount in our Grab Bags, found on the soap page. We try to always allow a fair selection of offerings in aromas so as to have something for everyone, but you know how the saying goes, you can’t please everyone. So while we will still have many fragrances available, we may lower the amount of selection.

But we want to make YOU happy, so we need to know what scents you like. There are literally thousands to choose from and we spend a small fortune trying to guess what the next great scent might be. We can get duplications of many perfumes and colognes (though those products may cost a slight bit more as the ingredients cost more). Have a favorite big store name scent you like? We can probably get it, we just have to name it something else (we usually notate that in the description of our fragrances). So please let us know what you want to smell this year!

Strong Robert’s

Strong Robert’s made his debut this fall and is making a strong showing for sure! Men and women alike are loving the products we have offered so far and are looking for more. Over the winter, we will be formulating an aftershave recipe and a beard balm. Dependent on time, we may have other men’s grooming products in the line up as well.

We have a few new scents picked out for Strong Robert’s products that will be introduced in the spring. But again, we need your input to make sure we are offering what you want!

We Need Your Help!

Our minds and ears are open. From suggestions received, we will ponder over them together and decide what will best add to our branding as a company and make sure you are getting what you want.

We have decided to phase out lotions and bath salts. So they will be discounted soon. Salts are a fairly easy product to make, so they can be ordered on special order in the scent of your choice, but as a rule, we won’t carry them in stock. Bath bombs are great as ever, so of course they will stay in the line up.

We thank each and everyone of you who has supported us the last few years. A handmade business is an affair of the heart and a labor of love (with a little tears, blood and sweat mixed in – and an argument here and there if you know both of us, lol) We look forward to serving you in 2018.

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