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This first post is just to introduce ourselves and tell a bit about how we got started in the soap making world.

We are a mother-in-law/daughter-in-law team ( I know, sounds kind of hard to believe doesn’t it? ).  Back in 1999 I (Sherry) told my daughter-in-law, Stephanie that I wanted to make soap.  At that time, crafting soap was not quite the rage that it is today.  Stephanie thought I was crazy!  No one is going to want to buy homemade soap, she said.  I proceeded to teach myself to make soap from numerous books, (fortunately there were no disasters!).  We had a few melt and pour soaps, but mainly cp.

Fast forward a couple of months.  We went to a local outdoor festival.  We had NEVER done anything like this before and talk about rookies!  We had a dining tent to set up under.  That was all well and fine until a Kansas storm hit!  Rained like crazy.  Stephanie went to tip the water that had collected on the top and got drenched.  lol.  But, rain or no rain, it did not stop people from coming by and purchasing our soaps.  So many compliments on our packaging.  I have to laugh now, because we were using the paper that Hobby Lobby uses to wrap glassware.  But, it worked.  Our soaps were only 1 color at that time.

As the day progressed, Stephanie no longer thought I was crazy for wanting to sell soap.  We sold out before the show was even over.  We have learned to much since then and the industry has changed a lot.   So much creativity. So many talented soap makers.

The soap making is now done mainly by Stephanie (even though I taught her how, she thinks I can no longer do it… kids).  I mainly make the bath bombs, salts, candles.  We had a wonderful soap/candle business until Stephanie had a car accident which took us out of the loop for quite awhile.  But, we are back now.   We hope you enjoy perusing our website to see what tickles your fancy.

Until next time….  🙂


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